Top 25 – Europe


The non-governmental non-profit organization “TOP-25 EUROPE vzw” was created in Belgium in 2017 by a team of experienced project managers with the aim to create added value by participating in European and national projects. The NGO’s main goal is to promote European citizenship, especially towards youth.

TOP-25 Europe entirely relies on volunteers to develop all activities, as we believe this will create an environment to develop the entrepreneurial skill of all young people involved in the NGO.


Good practice and know-how exchange

As an experienced national and European project partner in a various range of fields, TOP-25 Europe brings a lot to the table. The exchange of know-how and good practice is one of the main factors for the success of this project. As a consortium this information sharing is what makes both our international team, as well as each individual NGO grow stronger.

Apart from an international growth, we invest in the growth of each young volunteer involved. How? By stimulating every youngster into sharing their own ideas and personal knowledge.

Practice and experience based learning

As an organization TOP-25 Europe is a strong believer of practice and experience based (informal)learning environments. Therefore, while implementing the CARMA-actions, we put a lot of thought into our location and timing of our campaigns. Our first campaign was implemented during an alcohol-free festival, emphasizing the dangers of alcohol for the human body. The second implementation was carried out during the World Cleanup Day, where our team did their part in making Leuven a little bit cleaner!


Top 25

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